‘Detroit Never Left’ mural exudes authentic Detroit

via The Michigan Chronicle:

“I really wanted this mural to reflect the city,” said Sheefy. “I’ve really been pushing the character “Jit Man.” He’s inspired by famous street artist Keith Haring, who had these murals of stick-like figures showing movement. I wanted to show a real Detroit party using minimalistic movements, which is why I have the guy jitting, a girl twerking next to him, the radio, and a black dude with Cartiers on and money in his pocket. Anyone from Detroit that walks by can identify with the mural.”

An artist is filling Detroit potholes with mosaics

via The Detroit Free Press:

Chicago-based artist Jim Bachor has installed 10 pothole pieces across Eastern Market, and all on theme: Each represents something you can get in the neighborhood. Hence, the raw chicken (located near Riopelle and Alfred). You can also find a coney dog, broccoli and Aretha Franklin.

Over 50 Detroit artists collaborate on custom installations at Trumbull & Porter Hotel

via WXYZ Detroit:

Trumbull & Porter Hotel celebrated a new art installation project featuring 4,000 square feet of custom murals and installation pieces from over 50 local Detroit artists.

The series of artworks feature porcelain painting, digital drawings, murals and more. They are displayed in the hotel and around the property.

Artwork from the following artists are featured as part of this project: Tony Roko, Dustin Cook, Ellen Rutt, Elysia Vandenbussche, Erik & Israel Nordin, Jan Kaulins,  Michelle Tanguay, Mike Burdick, Ouizi, Bruce Thompson, Colin Tury, Detroit Bikes, Don Kilpatrick, Joe Benghauser, Rachel Fernandez, and more.

Doug Aitken's 'Mirage Detroit' turns mirrors on once-abandoned bank

via The Detroit Free Press:

Doug Aitken’s new art installation “Mirage Detroit” is the first deposit the State Savings Bank has seen in decades.

Located at 151 W. Fort St. in downtown Detroit, the Beaux-Arts style building has had several different lives since first opening in 1900 — first as a bank and later as everything from an office supply store to an elegant yet abandoned reminder of downtown’s turn-of-the-20th-Century architecture.

With the arrival of Aitken’s first-ever Detroit project, “Mirage Detroit” has transformed the 70,000-square-foot State Savings Bank into an exhibition hall for one of the most ambitious arts projects set in downtown in years.

Group promoting Detroit art profiles over 100 local artists, releases new book

via ModelDMedia:

When Matthew Piper, Dennis Nawrocki, and Steve Pantonbegan began profiling local artists, it was mostly a passion project intended to live online. 

"Our guiding principle was simply to write about art that we, personally, were interested in, and we figured that diversity would follow," Piper says. "But once [the first volume] was bound and had a cover, we realized that 24 of the 30 artists were white. We were very concerned with that lack of representation because of the authoritative nature of a book."